A good day for #MalmoStartups!

Two great news stories from Malmö was revealed today:

Mapillary secures 1.5 MUSD in a seed round from among others Sequoia Capital, Playfair and Wellington. Mapillary is a service for crowdsourced street level photos. With an awesome team and an awesome product, it’s no wonder Sequoia wanted a piece of it even though they rarely makes seed investments in Europe.
You can read more about Mapillary here: Dream project Mapillary makes local knowledge available to the world and about the investment here: Sequoia Invests In Mapillary To Crowd-Map The World Faster Than Street View

The other story comes from Neo Technology, who is pioneering graph databases. The company, that was founded in Malmö and still retains most of the R&D there, scoops up $20M in a series C round. Creandum led the round and was joined by Dawn Capital, Fidelity Growth Partners and others.

Read more about the investment here: Neo Technology Bags $20M As Graph Databases Get Hot

All in all a good day for Malmö and its tech community. And there’s more. Check out more companies at MalmoStartups’ website and make sure you follow the latest news on Twitter and Facebook.

Merry Christmas & #MalmoStartups partnership

Mike and I wants to wish you all a Merry Christmas! 2014 has been a successful year in many ways and we’re confident 2015 will be even better. We’re happy to as a last thing of 2014 announce that we’ve entered in a partnership with #MalmoStartups and we’ll work together on putting the limelight on Malmö and Skåne. We will especially be focusing on bringing VCs to Malmö and have also decided to put on a few events on different topics around financing your startup. So stay tuned and see you next year!


What turns angels off

#MalmoStartups put on a great event on the topic of how to fund your startup with around 120 people attending a couple of weeks ago. Great tips and tricks were shared by Jan Erik from Mapillary, Johan from Userbin, Tine from Everplaces and more. Hampus had done a short survey among a few fellow angel investors and this is what he found that turn angels off:

What turns angels off

Google interview with Unified Remote

During a Lund University event at Stanford in June we introduced Philip at Unified Remote to Martin Omander from Google developer relations team and they decided to do an interview on their Youtube show Root Access. The interview has now been published so check it out at http://bit.ly/1CUz4m0

Unified Remote is the remote control for your computer and the company is based in Lund, Sweden. It’s the most feature filled remote control out there, supports Windows, Mac and Linux and has more than 2 million downloads.



Game Survey 2014 just published!

The Game City Survey 2014 serves to highlight the digital games industry in southern Sweden through a thorough survey of all active games companies in Skåne and Blekinge. The survey also contains quotes from interviews with select developers as well as analysis of national and international trends. It is published for the first time in 2014 by Game City in collaboration with Invest in Skåne. This report is Game City’s first official publication. The goal is for it to become an annually recurring event that can be used to track developments in the games industry in the region.

Read more and find the report in both English and Swedish here (article in Swedish though):


FashTech = Fashion + Technology

I recently went to a FashTech event at Wearable World in SF and found a few interesting companies and products being developed.

If you are into fashion or wearable technology then these companies and products are worth looking at for inspiration or collaboration:

Cortexica – Fashion image recognition – they can provide an API for you to leverage their image database of clothing and shoes. Check out Trendabl for an example of an app using their tech.

Nod – a sort of wireless mouse in the form of a ring. Can supposedly be used to control anything from your computer to games like fruit ninja or an FPS to a GoPro camera. Unfortunately no live demo for this one so it’s hard to say how accurate/pleasant the user experience is.

Keyrious – this is my personal favorite :) A fancy gold key necklace that comes with an adventure. The adventure is some sort of mysterious treasure hunt in which the key is supposed to play a part (unlocking something perhaps). Reminds me of The Game with Michael Douglas and hints at a new field of high end mystery and adventure tourism bundled with smart devices that are well designed.

You can see Keyrious present their mysterious experience here.

And you can see more wearable tech companies from Wearable World in SF here.

If you or someone you know has an impressive or interesting wearable product or prototype let me know at michael.hoy@skane.com so I can promote you to partners and investors here on the west coast.

Impressions from Silicon Valley: Wearables

You’ve heard the hype about San Francisco and Silicon Valley when it comes to tech – big ideas, big money, big business…and that’s exactly what I’ve experienced since arriving in the Bay Area more than a month ago.

Out here on the west coast you’ll hear some of the same tech buzzwords that we have back in Skåne of course, but I have been surprised at how many new terms are being used by entrepreneurs and investors when they speak of emerging areas in technology.  One of the most prominent terms right now is “wearables”.

Wearables refers to connected devices, often with several sensors, that are worn on the body and feed data to your smartphone and the cloud.  In the past couple years these have mostly taken the form of a bracelet such as the popular Fitbit or Nike FuelBand.  So far these wearables have mostly used input from a GPS and accelerometer to count steps, calculate calories burned, and estimate your sleep quality based on how much you move.  However, new wearables are on the horizon.

One impressive new wearable product that we saw recently at LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco is a fitness shirt called OMsignal which measures your heart rate and breathing rate in addition to the traditional step counting and activity monitor.  As you can see in this video from LAUNCH, they also have an algorithm to rate your comfort/stress level which they call a zen index.  This is one of several new wearable products that will come to market in the next months and years that weaves sensors and technology more seamlessly into the everyday items that we are already used to wearing.  Other products will include socks, shoes, and of course eyewear, as Google Glass has so famously promoted.

A key issue for wearable products is that they are well designed so that most people will enjoy wearing them and forget that they are actually living, breathing data collectors.  Being great with hardware, software, connectivity, and design – I believe that Skåne is well positioned to take advantage of this coming mega-trend in technology.

If you or someone you know has an impressive or interesting wearable product or prototype and are looking for partners or investment, let me know at michael.hoy@skane.com.


Major Global Operator is Coming to Malmö

In a couple of weeks time we have a major global operator coming to Malmö to meet with companies. They have given us a pretty long list of areas they are interested in right now. You need to have a mature product and user traction. Does your company fit the bill and are interested in meeting them? Then shoot me an e-mail at daniel.kipowski@skane.com

Search Fields Use Case
Music Music streaming
TV Subscription Video on Demand
Gaming Cloud Gaming
Cloud Online productivity (tasks/notes/calendar/address book)
Cloud Consumer Cloud Storage
Cloud Backup
Security Device security (apart from Smart Phone)
Security Parental Control: Content filtering (local partners)
Security Parental Control: Other (e.g. geo fencing)
Security Security package extension: Reputation
Touch-points App Search
Touch-points Content injection (Skyfire / Flash)
Touch-points Other (e.g. Celltick, SIM-based customization)
Connected devices Lifestyle wearables
Connected Home Quivicon / C-Side – energy/ security/ sleep etc
TV Peer-to-peer video streaming
Cloud Document Management
Security Encryption
Communication IP messaging
Communication Email white label
Media ePublishing
Media Gambling
Media Education
Communication Cloud phone book

Our Silicon Valley “office” is open for business!

As you may have seen in today’s Sydsvenskan, we have started a small office in Silicon Valley and we’re since a couple of weeks open for business. We’re there to meet investors, potential clients, partners and others on a more regular basis. Through that we aim to better be able to help technology companies interested in accessing Silicon Valley companies and VCs. We want to avoid going to Google just to have lunch at their cool canteen. We want to facilitate better and sharper business meetings.

Our man on the ground is Michael Hoy. Do get in contact with him if you want more information and discuss how we can help. You can reach him on michael.hoy@skane.com or +1 646 797 6860.

Have a great weekend!

And btw. to read the article in Sydsvenskan, click here.

Möten med telecom branschens tungviktare på MWC

Flera av våra kontakter på världens största telekombolag  börjar nu höra av sig och undrar vilka svenska innovationsbolag som är på Mobile World Congress i år. Precis som tidigare år så kommer vi att både bjuda in dessa kontakter till ”Swedish Pavilion” och om de är mer specifika med vad de söker så sätter vi upp individuella möten. Därför är det bra om vi vet vilka som är på plats och vem vi ska kontakta om någon vill träffa er!

Ni som vill träffa våra kontakter från bolag som Intel Capital, Google, Samsung Ventures, Qualcomm och flera av världens ledande operatörer –  lägg in era kontaktdetaljer och pitch snarast. Det kostar inget att vara med och såhär enkelt är det:

1. Logga in (eller skapa ett nytt konto) på Neopitch.
2. Klicka på ”Mobile World Congress 2014″ under ‘Events’.
3. Uppdatera er pitch i systemet. Tänk på att det är den som ska väcka intresset hos bolagen som ni vill träffa. Ni avgör själva hur mycket information ni vill lägga in men se till att det framgår tydligt vilka ni är och vad ni gör!

Några av företagen kommer att boka möten i god tid men flera kommer att bestämma sig sent och många även under själva konferensen. Därför är det viktigt att ni uppdaterat er profil med mobilnummer till en kontaktperson som är på plats i Barcelona under MWC.

Om ni har några frågor så hör av er till mig på daniel.kipowski@skane.com eller 0768-87 14 63.